Schools  -  Prueter Public School,  K to Grade 6,  1964 to 1970
                  -  Margaret Avenue Senior Public,  Grade 7 & 8,  1971 & 1972
                  -  Bluevale Collegiate High School,  Grade 9 to 12,  1973 to 1976
                  -  Conestoga College of Applied Arts and Technology,  Electrical Engineering Technician Program,  1977 & 1978

     At the end of my last year of college I was offered a job at Sutherland Schultz Inc. in the Industrial Controls - Panel Shop.
They are currently located on the 401 at the Hwy 8 exit.

I graduated a couple weeks early and started working there April 17, 1978.  We built Industrial Control Panels which are
used to control motors, converyors, robotics, and many different types of machinery.
I built, wired, tested, and sometimes
"on-site" to troubleshoot, repair, or rewire these panels. Sutherland Schultz was purchased by a Dutch company
called  Stork NV. They decided to change the "direction" of the company, and in doing so eliminated the small divisions
of the company to concentrate on the growth of the larger divisions. Unfortunately, the Control Panel Shop was one of those
divisions, so after working there for 27 and a half years I was out of a job. One of our customers,   Process Group of

Cambridge Ontario,  heard of the closure of our department and made the decision to hire everyone and start their own
Industrial Controls Panel Shop. Happily, our entire shop is together again under the roof of   Process Group  since
November 15, 2005.  We are called    PPS  -  Process Panel Shop   and are part of the PSI - Process Systems Intigration
         Process Group Web Site   -       See PPS - Process Panel Shop

There are photographs of the panels I build on the PPS web page,  and also on my web page.

     In 1981 I married Sherry Lorentz. She was 1 year
behind me all through school. She lived on Oxford Street,  1 block
from where I grew up on Edwin Street.  Sherry grew up being best friends with my second cousin who lived right across
the street from her,  so we knew each other most of the way through school.  Here's a couple pictures of  Sherry Blackwell

We lived in a 2 bedroom, 3 story townhouse on Courtland Ave. E.  at Hayward Ave for the first 2 years.

We bought a house in the Stanley Park area of Kitchener in 1983,  and have lived there ever since.

We have 2 children, Steven in 1990 and Amy in 1994.


We also have a Maltese dog, Wally, that Amy bought September 6, 2008 when he was 3 months old.

I have had a computer in my home since 1982,  LONG before the internet and computers becoming popular for most people.
Since that time I would have to say that my biggest hobby is building new computers for people, as well as repairing, upgrading, and reloading them. It keeps me pretty busy at times, especially after a thunder storm :)
I also enjoy Digital Photography and Pencil Drawing (my drawings can be seen on my web site).
I also have
2 bicycles  (Mountain & Hybrid)  and enjoy riding on the various trails and streets in the KW area.

I recently bought a 3rd bike, and this one is the most fun of all.  A 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250R.