How I Unlocked my Cell Phone using the
GSMliberty Code Unlock Service

I recently purchased a used Blackberry Curve 9320 Cell Phone
that was "locked" to the Canada-Virgin provider.
My service provider is Canada-Rogers, so I needed this phone
to be "unlocked" so I could use my Rogers SIMM card in it.
My son Steve recommended using the services of
to get the MEP code required to unlock the phone.
I went to the website for GSMliberty and I had the phone
unlocked within 10 minutes.
I was VERY pleased with how quick and easy it was to do.
I am now using the Blackberry Curve 9320 Cell Phone
on my Canada-Rogers account.

If you ever need to unlock a Cell Phone I highly recommend
using the services of

All you have to do is click   &
go to their web site.

-  At the top left of their page, point to the words "Unlock Your Phone",
and then click on the "brand name" of your phone.
-  Click on the Model of your phone in the list provided.
-  Enter the IMEI number of your phone (usually found on a
sticker inside your phone where your battery & SIMM are located.
- Click "Add to Cart"
- Select your method of payment (Paypal or Credit Card)
- GSMliberty will email you the unlock code for your phone.
- In my case the email arrived within 5 minutes along with
a link to a page with easy to follow, complete instructions
on how to enter the unlock code - it was SO EASY !